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Who we are:

We are Flip Over Records, located in Acton Massachusetts. We have been buying and selling vintage vinyl records since 2005. Our online store sells globally, but we get 99% of our inventory locally in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 

We purchase all kinds of music related items. Of particular interest are collectible LPs & 45s. But we also buy vintage Hi-Fi audio equipment like Tube Amplifiers & Receivers, Turntables and Speakers. Additionally we purchase music and pop culture memorabilia such as concert posters, T-shirts, vintage rock magazines, & more. If you have any of these items  that you'd like to sell, please give us a call at (978) 270-1476 or send an email to We will promptly get back to you.

Vinyl Records

We buy all types of records that are scratch free and clean (both the record and jacket)- rock, jazz, soul, punk, metal, blues, alternative rock, new wave, reggae, folk, and more! We typically purchase full collections or in bulk but if you only have a few to sell, that's okay too. The prices we pay are based on the current market value.

Records we are not interested in:

  • 78s (unless they’re blues, doo-wop or early rockabilly/country)
  • 45's without sleeves or made after 1975
  • Records without covers or water damaged
  • Time-Life, Readers Digest, or Longines Symphonette or other LP Box Sets
  • Sing Along With Mitch, Arthur Fiedler, Christmas, Religious, polkas, or opera records.
  • Common easy listening records like Mantovani, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Ray Conniff, Barbra Striesand, Barry Manilow, etc.

Audio Equipment

We are always looking for turntables, receivers and vintage amplifiers (Vacuum tube and solid state).  We CANNOT purchase large console record player systems due to space and shipping challenges.) Brands that excite us are H.H. Scott, Dynaco, Marantz, McIntosh, Thorens, VPI, Sansui, Linn, Leak, Rotel, Denon, TEAC, Technics, Pioneer, Yamaha, Dual, and other collectible audio equipment.  We can only purchase electronics that are clean and fully functioning.

Pop Culture Memorabilia

If its music or vintage pop culture related we are interested. Old concert T-shirts, 1960s Rolling Stone, Cream, underground  magazines, Beatles items, autographed items, Fan Club items, lunch boxes, old video game consoles, toys and games from the 50s and 60s, 70s supermodel posters (think Farah Fawcett), etc. 

Not sure if we'll buy it?  Just call us or send us an email. If we can't use it we will politely decline and we may be able to suggest another resource for you.